The Protein database provides protein sequence retrieval. Original data source of Protein database includes Uniprot. The main available information includes protein name, protein length, organism, protein-coding gene etc.

Data resources update

Data resources date:2020/09/17

Data source

Protein database comprises protein data from Uniprot. CNGBdb acquires protein data from Uniprot via FTP. All data obtained from FTP are parsed and integrated according to certain meta-information structure, and displayed on the page in order to provide search and retrieval services for users. Every gene record (e.g. includes the original source ID which can be clicked to the Uniprot details page. Protein database complies with the Creative Commons license, uses the Creative Commons logos on each protein sequence and provides a link to the license(CC BY 4.0).

CNGBdb complies with the data usage agreement and related requirements of these source databases. If you have any question about the above methods of data references or think that the data references are not reasonable, please contact


1. UniProt: The UniProt Consortium. UniProt: a worldwide hub of protein knowledge. Nucleic Acids Res. 47: D506-515 (2019).