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Bread wheat (Triticum aetivum) consists of three closely related subgenomes (AABBDD), which provides the major of the calories and protein global populations consumed. Its origin is attributed to two evolutionary events: (1) the initial domestication of tetraploid wild emmer (Triticum dicoccoides, AABB) and the subsequent evolution of tetraploid domesticated emmer (Triticum dicoccum, AABB), and (2) hybridization between tetraploid domesticated emmer and diploid Ae. tauschii (Aegilops tauschii, DD). Here, we developed a comprehensive Wheat Genome Variation Database and Selective Signatures for providing four main functionalities: Variation Search, Genomic Signature Search, Genome Browser and Alignment Search Tools (BLAST). In current version, WGVD contains 7,346,814 SNPs and 1,044,400 indels focusing on genic regions and upstream or downstream regions by combining the whole-genome resequencing and exome sequencing data of 968 individuals. Selective signatures Ae. tauschii, wild emmer, domesticated emmer, bread wheat landrace and bread wheat variety are evaluated with two statistical test (Pi, and FST) based on SNPs from 93 whole-genome resequencing data. WGVD will be a useful archive for in-depth analysis in wheat breeding.


  • Basic information of 968 wheat accessions.
  • Variations including SNPs and indels are provided in WGVD.
  • We provide two ways to view variations, one is interactive tables and graphs and the other is Gbrowse format.
  • We provide a parallel search for variations, such as gene symbol, and genomic region in the wheat genome.
  • We provide allele frequency distribution pattern of each SNP or indel in 17 geographically distributed bread wheat or five ploidy wheat groups.
  • We provide the genotypes of all individuals.
  • We provide selection scores for five groups of Ae. tauschii, wild emmer, domesticated emmer, bread wheat landrace and bread wheat variety by using two statistical terms.
  • We integrate variations, selection scores and gene annotation into Gbrowse to facilitate global presentation.

Wild emmer: 53
Domesticated emmer: 40
Ae. tauschii: 5
Bread wheat Africa: 87
Bread wheat Asia: 201
Bread wheat CentAm: 47
Bread wheat EurEast: 93
Bread wheat EurWest: 122
Bread wheat FormerSU: 90
Bread wheat NorthAm: 79
Bread wheat Oceania: 70
Bread wheat SouthAm: 74