ONEKP: BLAST for 1,000 Plants

These sequences are being released in advance of publication as a service to the community. We only ask that you follow the spirit of the Fort Lauderdale agreement and refrain from doing the kinds of analyses for which these data were generated, as described on the 1KP project website. More generally we ask that you refrain from using these data in any studies that involve multiple genes across multiple species (e.g. studies of a biological process in a particular taxon). Analyses of one or two genes across multiple species, or multiple genes in one species, are generally not in conflict. If you wish to publish your findings, we ask that you credit 1KP with minor authorship. The individuals who must be credited will depend on the particular data that you use.

Please contact or for additional clarification.


This page summarizes all known problems with sample identity and purity. You should cross-check any sample that you used against this website.

Problem feedback

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Data download

This website provides only BLAST service. More complete access is occasionally provided to qualified scientists whose stated goals are not in conflict with 1kp objectives and who are willing to share credit if and when their efforts succeed. Please contact or about possible collaboration.

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