CNGB data access

Welcome to CNGB data access

CNGB Data Access (CDA) belongs to CNGBdb,which provides users with the approval, authorization, and distribution of controlled data. The metadata and data-related documentation for the research project can be retrieved in CNGBdb, but users must submit a data permission request to CDA before using the controlled data. They only can download and use the controlled data after being approved and authorized by CDA.

Please read the User Notice, Privacy and Security Policy, Terms and Conditions carefully before you apply for data rights. By the time you begin to submit your application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood and agreed to all of the above terms.

Application process for access to controlled-access datasets:

Search for data of interest
Download application form
Submit your application by email
Waiting for approval progress of feedback by email
Download data

Data approval process:

submit materials and apply for data permissions
Initial review of the application materials and send the application materials to the data owner
Final review of the application materials and send the final decision to the data reviewer

Data submission:

Download the application form:Download01
Send the application form by email:Send email02

1. Download the application form and fill in the relevant information according to the requirements in the template.

2. Click the “Send mail” button to send the completed template to

3. Wait for feedback from reviewers, the results of approval will be feedback within 10 working days.