BLAST: BLAST service of CNGB

The BLAST service of CNGB aims to integrate all the data from all CNGB projects, and to provide a comprehensive and convenient sequence searching service.

News about BLAST

  • Warning: BLAST+ 2.7.1 is not stable for single high performance compute node, now is rocked back to 2.6.0. CNGB cluster will keep 2.7.1 version.

  • The UI of website is upgraded. BLAST+ is upgraded from 2.6.0 to 2.7.1. Now jobs can be delivered to the CNGB cluster, which provided more compute resource to support analysis.

  • Both nucleotide and protein sequences of all 1,328 single samples of OneKP are now available for analysis.

  • Function of downloading matched subject sequences is now available in the job result page.

  • Data of 4 CNGB projects (NCBI, OneKP, PIRD, FishT1K) is added to BLAST service. Public version onlined.

  • The BLAST service passed all function tests. Test version released for inner usage.

  • The design of calculate worker is completed.

  • The application of BLAST service is started to develop.