DataBase of Deep-Sea Life
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DataBase of Deep-Sea Life
The dictionary for exploration and utilization of genetic resources in the deep-sea.
The deep-sea represents the largest and least explored biome on the Earth. Landscapes such as hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, mud volcanoes, seamounts and trenches are included in this mysterious area. Despite of high pressures, extreme temperatures, total darkness and zero oxygen levels, deep-sea ecosystems host a multitude of captivating rare species, and commercially harvested species, as well as unique habitats and ecosystem engineers. This high genetic diversity makes deep-sea a valuable resource for both basic and applied research. The database involves both sequencing resource and metadata of ecological communities, isolates and animals collected from the deep-sea (>1000m depth). This database aims to be a dictionary for the exploration and utilization of genetic resources in the deep-sea, which provides uniformed metadata, standard analyzed data and batched analysis tool.