CNSA: CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive

CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive (CNSA) is a convenient and fast online submission system for biological research projects, samples, experiments and other information data. Based on the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration(INSDC) standard and DataCite standard, following the international data open protocol such as Fort Lauderdale Agreement, NHGRI Rapid Data Release Policies, Joint Data Archiving Policy, CC0-No Rights Reserved, accepting the submission of global scientific research sequencing data (including raw data and other support data), its data submission service can be used as a supplement to the literature publishing process to support early data sharing. CNSA is committed to the storage and sharing of biological sequencing information and data, and is designed to provide global researchers with the most comprehensive data and information resources, enabling researchers to access and use data easily and deeply.


Global retrieval is available. All published Project/Sample/Experiment/Run/Assembly can be retrieved in CNSA. Retrieval results with GigaDB are not supplied. To retrieve in GigaDB, please click

Example: Accession CNP000001/CNS00001/CNX000001/CNR00001/CNA000001, Project title, Sample name, Experiment title, Organism, Data type, Sample type, Description.

Submit flow

  1. The batch submission of metadata and related data files is under development. For CNSA data batch submission, or any other questions about the raw data submission process and other support data submission process below, please contact the administrator ( Sorry for inconvenient.
  2. Currently, with respect to open data(Allowed to go abroad), only the ENA (more info ) /SRA/DRA Accession ID can be used as a reference for articles, etc(Associated ENA id by default). The CNSA ID is currently only available for data archiving administration of China National GeneBank and users for data query retrieval.

Raw sequence data submission

Raw sequence data without any filtering that needs to be published and conforms to the Human Genetic Resources Regulations and Ethics is automatically synchronized to the EBI-ENA through this service process. If the submitted data requires permission control, or needs to be uploaded to NCBI SRA or DDBJ DRA, please click HELP.

Other support data submission

Other support data except the raw reads includes but not limited to process and result data, analysis methods, software programs, image files, audio files, video files, imaging files, electronic charts and word documents. CNSA cooperates with Gigascience GigaDB to review and archive the support data. With a link to DataCite, each dataset will be assigned with a DOI which can be quickly referenced. For more information, please click HELP.


Organism distribution in the sample

In the chart below, each color represents an organism. Each colored pie consists of inner and outer rings. The inner ring represents the number of sample for current organism. The outer ring can be divided into two pieces with two shades of specific color. The dark one represents the number of published sample for current organism, and the light one represents the number of unpublished sample. The two shades may not available according to the sample disclosure.

Top 10 Organisms