CNSA:CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive

CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive (CNSA) is a convenient and fast online submission system for biological research projects, samples, experiments and other information data. Based on the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration(INSDC) standard and DataCite standard, accepting the submission of global scientific research sequencing data (including raw data and other support data), its data submission service can be used as a supplement to the literature publishing process to support early data sharing. CNSA is committed to the storage and sharing of biological sequencing information and data, and is designed to provide global researchers with the most comprehensive data and information resources, enabling researchers to access and use data easily and deeply.


Global retrieval is available. All published Project/Sample/Experiment/Run/Assembly can be retrieved in CNSA. Retrieval results with GigaDB are not supplied. To retrieve in GigaDB, please click

Submission Portal


An overall description of a single research initiative; a project will typically relate to multiple samples and datasets.


Description of biological source material; each physically unique specimen should be registered as a single Sample with a unique set of attributes.


A description of sample-specific sequencing library, instrument and sequencing methods. An Experiment references 1 Project and 1 Sample. Runs describe the files that belong to the previously created Experiments.


An assembly contains genome assembly results computed from the primary sequencing reads.


Genetic variation (single nucleotide polymorphisms and genomic structural variation) from any species.

Other support data

CNSA cooperates with Gigascience GigaDB to review and archive the support data. With a link to DataCite, each dataset will be assigned with a DOI which can be quickly referenced. For more information, please click FAQ.