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CNSA: CNGB Sequence Archive

The CNSA is a system for archiving global omics data, dedicated to the storage, management and sharing of omics data, promotes the reuse of omics data and the development of life sciences.


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BGIAcademy of Mathematics and Systems ScienceJinling Institute of Technology
Tsinghua UniversityHuazhong Agricultural UniversityChina Agricultural University
Dalian Ocean UniversityNorth China University of Science and TechnologyShanghai Jiao Tong University
Fudan UniversityBeijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of SciencesTangshan People's Hospital
Zhejiang UniversitySun Yat-sen UniversityBeihua University
Shanxi Medical UniversityZhongkai University of Agriculture and EngineeringShaanxi Normal University
Genosys(Shenzhen) Inc.Jiangxi Normal UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
Shanghai UniversityUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Common help information

How to cite the submitted data?

If your data has been submitted to the CNGBdb-CNSA, you can add the following words to your manuscript to cite the accession number in CNGBdb:
The data that support the findings of this study have been deposited in the CNSA ( of CNGBdb with accession number CNPXXXXXXX.

How to get a reviewer link?

If your data is controlled, please send an email with the project accession number to If the data is public, you can enter the CNSA project accession directly in the search box on the home page and send a link to the searched data detail page to the magazine.

How to view the status and accessions of data you have submitted?

Please click on my submission to view. In the "Status" column you can view the corresponding submitted accession or download the metadata file with accessions.

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