Welcome to Pan Immune Repertoire Database.

Pan immune repertoire database (PIRD) collects raw and processed sequences of immunoglobulins (IGs) and T cell receptors (TCRs) of human and other vertebrate species with different phenotypes. You can check the detailed information of each sample in the database, choose samples to analyze according to your need, and upload data to analyze. Your analysis results will be auto-saved, so you can return to check them at any time.

Note: you can enter status info, project name, sequence, species name, or article title as keyword.

Information retrieval

In PIRD, you can check the experiment information, phenotypic information, sequence information of each sample.

Create project

You can create a project and save your analysis results after you selected some samples.

Data analysis

We will provide some analysis tools, you can use these tools for data analysis.

Data visualization

In PIRD, we provide some concise and elegant data visualization tools, and you can easily draw some high quality images using these tools.

Statistics of project


The main analysis tool used for the raw repertoire sequencing data is IMonitor. IMonitor utilizes realignment to identify accurately V(D)J genes and alleles, and identify the CDR3 region, deletion/insertion of VDJ and then translate nucleotide into amino acid. It provides general adaptation for sequences from all receptor chains of different species and outputs useful statistics and visualizations. Besides, PCR and sequencing errors are corrected for all sequences. Click this link to learn more about it.