The Literature database provides biomedical literature retrieval, enables users to do bilingual retrieval(Chinese and English). Original data source of Literature database includes GigaScience, NCBI Pubmed, Europe PMC, etc. The main available information includes title, abstract, keywords, cited, reference, related data etc.

Data resources update

Data resources date:2024/05/20

Data source

Literature database comprises biomedical and life science literature from web sources, including GigaScience, NCBI PubMed, Europe PMC, etc. CNGBdb acquires literature data from these public databases via FTP, obtains literature information such as PMC Impact Factors(IF), citations, references, citations details via API, and gets annotation information of genes, diseases, species, etc via becas literature annotation interface. All data obtained from FTP or interfaces are parsed and integrated according to certain meta-information structure, and displayed on the page in order to provide search and retrieval services for users. Every literature record(e.g. includes the original source ID which can be clicked to the these public databases details page(e.g. NCBI PubMed). Some contains full-text link by which users can access the PMC Full-text database.

CNGBdb complies with the data usage agreement and related requirements of these source databases. If you have any question about the above methods of data references or think that the data references are not reasonable, please contact


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