What is CNGBdb ?

China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb) is a unified platform built for biological big data sharing and application services to the research community. Based on the big data and cloud computing technologies, it provides data services such as archive, analysis, knowledge search, management authorization, and visualization. At present, CNGBdb has integrated large amounts of internal and external molecular data and other information from CNGB, NCBI, EBI, DDBJ, etc., indexed by search, covering 12 data structures. Moreover, CNGBdb correlates living sources, biological samples and bioinformatic data to realize the traceability of comprehensive data.


The external data sources of CNGBdb are mainly from the public data of databases such as NCBI, EBI, DDBJ, HPO, BIGD, NODE and UinProt. We sincerely thank these databases for providing us with a wealth of biological data resources,and sincerely thank them for their contributions in the biological data archiving and sharing business.

All public data and data services provided by CNGBdb are freely available to all users worldwide.