Assembly ID: -


Source: GenBank Assembly ( ID GCA_001275005.1 )

Description: -

Molecule type: -

Organism: -

Synonyms: -

Assembly type: -

Assembly level: -

Assembly method: -

Genome representation: -

Excluded from RefSeq: -

RefSeq category: -

GenBank assembly accession: -

RefSeq assembly accession: -

RefSeq assembly and GenBank assembly identical: -

WGS Project: -

Genome coverage: -

Accession in other database: -

Sequencing technology: -

Release date: -

Updated: -

Literature(s): -

status: -


GenBank Assembly AccessionRelationshipRefSeq Assembly AccessionAssembly NameAssembly LevelStatus

Global statistics

Number of regions with alternate loci or patches
Total sequence length
Total length of gaps
Total ungapped length
Number of spanned gaps
Number of unspanned gaps
Number of scaffolds
Scaffold L50
Scaffold N50
Number of contigs
Contig N50
Total number of chromosomes and plasmids

Note: Statistics shown for all assembly-unit. See the statistics report for additional statistics.

Project IDSample IDAssembly accessionOrganismMolecule typeGenome representationFile
Sequence nameMolecule nameGenBank sequenceRelationshipRefSeq sequenceUnlocalized sequences count

Sequence nameChromosome assignmentGenBank IDRelationshipRefSeq IDScaffold role

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