Quantitative single molecule RNA-FISH and RNase-free cell wall digestion in Neurospora crassa.
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Single molecule RNA-FISH (smFISH) is a valuable tool for analysis of mRNA spatial patterning in fixed cells that is underutilized in filamentous fungi. A primary complication for fixed-cell imaging in filamentous fungi is the need for enzymatic cell wall permeabilization, which is compounded by considerable variability in cell wall composition between species. smFISH adds another layer of complexity due to a requirement for RNase free conditions. Here, we describe the cloning, expression, and purification of a chitinase suitable for supplementation of a commercially available RNase-free enzyme preparation for efficient permeabilization of the Neurospora cell wall. We further provide a method for smFISH in Neurospora which includes a tool for generating numerical data from images that can be used in downstream customized analysis protocols.


Gene Expression
Fixed-cell imaging
Fungal microscopy
Quantitative cell biology

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Cell Wall
Neurospora crassa


Bartholomai, Bradley M
Gladfelter, Amy S
Loros, Jennifer J
Dunlap, Jay C

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