STOmicsDB data archive system is a comprehensive repository that collects spatial transcriptomic data through user submission. STOmicsDB data archive system accepts spatial transcriptomic data from raw sequencing data, image information to analysis results, which enhances the spatial transcriptomic data reproducibility. Additionally, STOmicsDB provides visualization of archived data to facilitate new data analysis.

The standard for STOmics data archiving will get you started in understanding what data need to be submitted.

If you need any help, please contact [email protected].

① Project
② Sample
Tissue SectionMetadata & Image
③ Tissue Section
Sequencing readsFastq
④ Sequencing reads
STOmics Datasets
⑧ STOmics Datasets
Cell annotation.tsv / .txt / .csv
⑦ Cell annotation
Spatial position.h5 / .bin / .csv
⑥ Spatial position
Gene Expression Matrices.h5 / .gem / .gef / .tsv / …
⑤ Gene Expression Matrices