Employing core regulatory circuits to define cell identity.
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The interplay between extrinsic signaling and downstream gene networks controls the establishment of cell identity during development and its maintenance in adult life. Advances in next-generation sequencing and single-cell technologies have revealed additional layers of complexity in cell identity. Here, we review our current understanding of transcription factor (TF) networks as key determinants of cell identity. We discuss the concept of the core regulatory circuit as a set of TFs and interacting factors that together define the gene expression profile of the cell. We propose the core regulatory circuit as a comprehensive conceptual framework for defining cellular identity and discuss its connections to cell function in different contexts.


Gene Expression
cell identity
core regulatory circuit
regenerative medicine
transcription factor

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Regenerative Medicine
Transcription Factors


Almeida, Nathalia
Chung, Matthew W H
Drudi, Elena M
Engquist, Elise N
Hamrud, Eva
Isaacson, Abigail
Tsang, Victoria S K
Watt, Fiona M
Spagnoli, Francesca M

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