Epigenetic Regulation Mechanisms of the Cofilin-1 Gene in the Development and Differentiation of Bovine Primary Myoblasts.
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As the quality of beef products has received increasing attention, it is essential to explore the underlying transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms of meat traits. Our project uses Qinchuan cattle as the research subject. First, we examined the spatiotemporal expression pattern of the CFL1 gene in a panel of fetal bovine, calf, and adult cattle samples. Then, we performed DNA methylation experiments of CFL1 on myogenesis and muscle maturation using the BSP amplification and COBRA sequencing techniques and found that high DNA methylation levels showed low expression levels. Next, we performed an assay between bta-miR-182 and the CFL1 gene and demonstrated that miR-182 could promote bovine primary myoblast differentiation by negatively regulated the expression of CFL1. Finally, we constructed an adenovirus overexpression and interference vector and found that CFL1 could suppress the differentiation of bovine primary myoblasts. In summary, our experiment comprehensively analyzes the epigenetic regulation mechanisms of the CFL1 gene in the development and differentiation of bovine primary myoblasts. This has far-reaching significance for improving the meat production and meat quality of Qinchuan cattle. This can provide reliable data support and a theoretical research basis for the rapid and efficient breeding selection of local yellow cattle and the genetic improvement of meat quality.


Temporal Gene Expression
bovine primary myoblasts
cell differentiation
epigenetic regulation

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Actin Depolymerizing Factors
Epigenesis, Genetic
Muscle Development


Sun, Yujia
Ma, Yaoyao
Zhao, Tianqi
Li, Mingxun
Mao, Yongjiang
Yang, Zhangping