Time-course single-cell and spatial transcriptomics of reovirus-induced myocarditis in neonatal mice
Dataset ID: STDS0000126
16,270 Spots
54,848 Genes


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A significant fraction of sudden death in young adults is due to myocarditis, an inflammatory disease of the heart, most often caused by viral infection. Here we used single-cell and spatially resolved RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) to study the cellular and spatial  heterogeneity of myocarditic processes in the hearts of reovirus-infected neonatal mice at multiple predetermined time points after initial infection at the primary site of infection. We further applied these technologies to study the innate response to reovirus infection in the intestine. In addition, we performed time-dependent single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) of cardiac tissues of mice infected with a reovirus point mutant that does not cause myocarditis. To establish viral tropism, we implemented molecular enrichment of non-polyadenylated viral transcripts that were otherwise poorly represented in the transcriptomes. Our measurements give insight into the cardiac cell-type specificity of innate immune responses, into the tropism of the virus in the intestine and the heart, and into the transcriptional states of cell types involved in the production of inflammatory cytokines and the recruitment of circulating immune cells. Analyses of spatially restricted gene expression in myocarditic regions and the border zone around those regions identified injury and stress responses in different cell types, including cardiomyocytes. Overall, our data identify spatially restricted cellular interactions and cell-type specific host responses during reovirus-induced myocarditis.
Overall design:
Time-course single-cell and spatial transcriptomics of ileum and heart tissues from reovirus-infected neonatal mice
10x Visium
Mus musculus(mm10)
Organ parts:
Heart, Ileum
Mantri, Madhav et al. “Spatiotemporal transcriptomics reveals pathogenesis of viral myocarditis.” Nature cardiovascular research vol. 1,10 (2022): 946-960. doi:10.1038/s44161-022-00138-1
Submission date: 2021-11-26Update date: 2021-12-05
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Madhav Mantri; Meleana M Hinchman; John L Parker; Iwijn De Vlaminck
Contact: id93@cornell.edu

GEO Series Accessions: GSE189636