1Detection of Molecules (DoM) plugin

Description: Duplex Labeling and Manipulation of Neuronal Proteins Using Sequential CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing.
Tool types:Co-localization or Gene-Gene Interactions
Languages:Java; C
Update date: 2022-07-20


Description: Spacemake: processing and analysis of large-scale spatial transcriptomics data.
Keywords:novoSpaRc; Spatial Transcriptomics; Algorithm; ProximID
Update date: 2022-07-20


Description: Comparative spatial transcriptomic and single-cell analyses of human nail units and hair follicles demonstrate transcriptional similarities between the onychodermis and follicular dermal papilla.
Keywords:Spatial Transcriptomics
Tool types:Data Deconvolution
Update date: 2022-07-20


Description: Spatial transcriptomics prediction from histology jointly through Transformer and graph neural networks.
Keywords:Spatial Transcriptomics
Languages:JavaScript; Python
Update date: 2022-07-19


Description: Extracting physical characteristics of higher-order chromatin structures from 3D image data.
Keywords:Spatial Transcriptomics; Slide-seq; Spatial Genomics; 10X Visium; MERFISH
Tool types:Molecular Characterize
Update date: 2022-07-15

6The processed Stereo-seq data from mouse olfactory bulb tissue

Description: Identifying multicellular spatiotemporal organization of cells with SpaceFlow.
Keywords:Spatial Temporal Transcriptomics; Spatial Transcriptomics
Languages:R; Python
Update date: 2022-07-15

7Mesenchymal-epithelial interaction regulates

Description: Mesenchymal-epithelial interaction regulates gastrointestinal tract development in mouse embryos.
Keywords:Spatial Temporal Transcriptomics; Spatial Transcriptomics
Tool types:Data Clustering
Update date: 2022-07-14

8Efficient embryoid-based method to improve generation of optic vesicles from human induced pluripotent stem cells data

Description: Efficient embryoid-based method to improve generation of optic vesicles from human induced pluripotent stem cells.
Keywords:Temporal Gene Expression
Update date: 2022-07-12

9GeneCategoryEnrichmentAnalysis and neurosynth

Description: Regional gene expression patterns are associated with task-specific brain activation during reward and emotion processing measured with functional MRI.
Keywords:Spatial Transcriptomics
Languages:MATLAB; Python
Update date: 2022-07-08


Description: Estimating the localization spread function of static single molecule localization microscopy images.
Languages:MATLAB; C
Update date: 2022-07-06