1Slide-seqV2: Slide-SeqV2; Slide SeqV2

Keywords:Transcriptome; Genetics; Single-Cell Analysis; Messenger; Sequence Analysis
Cited by: 182
Highest IF: 54.908

2IMC: Imaging Mass Cytometry

Keywords:Cell Line; Erbb-2; Genetics; Receptor; Analysis; Diagnostic Imaging; Tumor Microenvironment; Single-Cell Analysis; Cytology; In Situ Hybridization; Systems Biology; Physiology; Female; Proteomics; Tumor; ...More
Cited by: 1,297
Highest IF: 28.547

3MIBI: Multiplexed ion beam imaging

Keywords:Reproducibility Of Results; Immunohistochemistry; Erbb-2; Receptor; Secondary Ion; Sensitivity And Specificity; Biomarkers; Antibodies; Chemistry; Spectrometry; Diagnostic Imaging; Spatial Analysis; Tumor Microenvironment; Mass; Neoplasms; ...More
Cited by: 1,210
Highest IF: 53.440

Cited by: 9
Highest IF: 14.919

5Hyperion: Hyperion Image Analysis

Keywords:Computer-Assisted; Male; Diagnostic Imaging; Instrumentation; Tumor Microenvironment; Pathology; Female; Computational Biology; Image Processing; Software; Immunology
Cited by: 3
Highest IF: 13.751

6mIF: multiplex immunofluorescence

Keywords:Image Processing; Microscopy; Computer-Assisted; Immunohistochemistry; Reproducibility Of Results; Neoplasms; Pathology; Biomarkers
Cited by: 130
Highest IF: 4.380

7OpTAG-seq: Optical Cell Tagging Sequencing

Keywords:Single-Cell RNA Sequencing; Quinone Methide; Live Cell Labeling; Bioconjugation; Spatial Transcriptomics
Cited by: 2
Highest IF: 15.336

10In situ hybridisation: 3D RNA Profiling

Synonyms:In situ hybridisation
Keywords:Auto-Correlation; Catshark; Forebrain Patterning; Correlation; RNA Tomography
Cited by: 1
Highest IF: 6.684