stAPAminer: Mining Spatial Patterns of Alternative Polyadenylation for Spatially Resolved Transcriptomic Studies.
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Alternative polyadenylation (APA) contributes to transcriptome complexity and gene expression regulation and has been implicated in various cellular processes and diseases. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has enabled the profiling of APA at the single-cell level; however, the spatial information of cells is not preserved in scRNA-seq. Alternatively, spatial transcriptomics (ST) technologies provide opportunities to decipher the spatial context of the transcriptomic landscape. Pioneering studies have revealed potential spatially variable genes and/or splice isoforms; however, the pattern of APA usage in spatial contexts remains unappreciated. In this study, we developed a toolkit called stAPAminer for mining spatial patterns of APA from spatially barcoded ST data. APA sites were identified and quantified from the ST data. In particular, an imputation model based on the k-nearest neighbors algorithm was designed to recover APA signals, and then APA genes with spatial patterns of APA usage variation were identified. By analyzing well-established ST data of the mouse olfactory bulb (MOB), we presented a detailed view of spatial APA usage across morphological layers of the MOB. We compiled a comprehensive list of genes with spatial APA dynamics and obtained several major spatial expression patterns that represent spatial APA dynamics in different morphological layers. By extending this analysis to two additional replicates of the MOB ST data, we observed that the spatial APA patterns of several genes were reproducible among replicates. stAPAminer employs the power of ST to explore the transcriptional atlas of spatial APA patterns with spatial resolution. This toolkit is available at and


Spatial Transcriptomics
Alternative polyadenylation
Single-cell RNA sequencing
Spatial pattern
Spatial transcriptomics

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Ji, Guoli
Tang, Qi
Zhu, Sheng
Zhu, Junyi
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Wu, Xiaohui