DIST: spatial transcriptomics enhancement using deep learning.
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Spatially resolved transcriptomics technologies enable comprehensive measurement of gene expression patterns in the context of intact tissues. However, existing technologies suffer from either low resolution or shallow sequencing depth. Here, we present DIST, a deep learning-based method that imputes the gene expression profiles on unmeasured locations and enhances the gene expression for both original measured spots and imputed spots by self-supervised learning and transfer learning. We evaluate the performance of DIST for imputation, clustering, differential expression analysis and functional enrichment analysis. The results show that DIST can impute the gene expression accurately, enhance the gene expression for low-quality data, help detect more biological meaningful differentially expressed genes and pathways, therefore allow for deeper insights into the biological processes.


Spatial Transcriptomics
self-supervised learning
spatial transcriptomics
transfer learning

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Deep Learning
Gene Expression Profiling
Cluster Analysis


Zhao, Yanping
Wang, Kui
Hu, Gang