The Utility of Spatial Transcriptomics for Solid Organ Transplantation.
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Spatial transcriptomics (ST) measures and maps transcripts within intact tissue sections, allowing the visualization of gene activity within the spatial organization of complex biological systems. This review outlines advances in genomic sequencing technologies focusing on in situ sequencing-based ST, including applications in transplant and relevant nontransplant settings. We describe the experimental and analytical pipelines that underpin the current generation of spatial technologies. This context is important for understanding the potential role ST may play in expanding our knowledge, including in organ transplantation, and the important caveats/limitations when interpreting the vast data output generated by such methodological platforms.


Spatial Transcriptomics

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Gene Expression Profiling
Organ Transplantation


Li, Jennifer S Y
Raghubar, Arti M
Matigian, Nicholas A
Ng, Monica S Y
Rogers, Natasha M
Mallett, Andrew J