Visualizing the Interactions Shaping the Imaging of the Microenvironment in Human Cancers.
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The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution (Visium 10×) allows for the mRNA analysis using high throughput sequencing and maps a transcriptional expression pattern in tissue sections using high-resolution microscope imaging in ex-vivo human and mice samples. The workflow surveys spatial global gene expression in tissue sections, exploiting the whole transcriptome profiling and defining the set of transcripts via targeted gene panels. An automated cell type annotation allows a comparison with control tissue samples. This technique delineates cancerous or diseased tissue boundaries and details gene expression gradients in the tissue surrounding the tumor or pathologic nests. Remarkably, the Visium 10× allows for whole transcriptome and targeted analysis without the loss of spatial information. This approach provides gene expression data within the context of tissue architecture, tissue microenvironments, and cell groups. It can be used in association with therapy, anti-angiogenic therapy, and immunotherapy to improve treatment response.


Spatial Gene Expression
Cancer microenvironment
Clonal heterogeneity
Multiple myeloma
Tumor dissemination

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Gene Expression Profiling
High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing
RNA, Messenger
Tumor Microenvironment


Solimando, Antonio G
Desantis, Vanessa
Da Vià, Matteo Claudio