De novo reconstruction of cell interaction landscapes from single-cell spatial transcriptome data with DeepLinc.
IF: 17.906


Based on a deep generative model of variational graph autoencoder (VGAE), we develop a new method, DeepLinc (deep learning framework for Landscapes of Interacting Cells), for the de novo reconstruction of cell interaction networks from single-cell spatial transcriptomic data. DeepLinc demonstrates high efficiency in learning from imperfect and incomplete spatial transcriptome data, filtering false interactions, and imputing missing distal and proximal interactions. The latent representations learned by DeepLinc are also used for inferring the signature genes contributing to the cell interaction landscapes, and for reclustering the cells based on the spatially coded cell heterogeneity in complex tissues at single-cell resolution.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Cell interaction
Deep learning
Single-cell spatial transcriptome
Variational graph autoencoder

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Cell Communication


Li, Runze
Yang, Xuerui