DNA-PAINT Imaging Accelerated by Machine Learning.
IF: 5.545


DNA point accumulation in nanoscale topography (DNA-PAINT) is an easy-to-implement approach for localization-based super-resolution imaging. Conventional DNA-PAINT imaging typically requires tens of thousands of frames of raw data to reconstruct one super-resolution image, which prevents its potential application for live imaging. Here, we introduce a new DNA-PAINT labeling method that allows for imaging of microtubules with both DNA-PAINT and widefield illumination. We develop a U-Net-based neural network, namely, U-PAINT to accelerate DNA-PAINT imaging from a widefield fluorescent image and a sparse single-molecule localization image. Compared with the conventional method, U-PAINT only requires one-tenth of the original raw data, which permits fast imaging and reconstruction of super-resolution microtubules and can be adopted to analyze other SMLM datasets. We anticipate that this machine learning method enables faster and even live-cell DNA-PAINT imaging in the future.


machine learning
single-molecule localization microscopy
super-resolution imaging


Zhu, Min
Zhang, Luhao
Jin, Luhong
Chen, Jincheng
Zhang, Yongdeng
Xu, Yingke

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