Mapping the developing human immune system across organs.
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Single-cell genomics studies have decoded the immune cell composition of several human prenatal organs but were limited in describing the developing immune system as a distributed network across tissues. We profiled nine prenatal tissues combining single-cell RNA sequencing, antigen-receptor sequencing, and spatial transcriptomics to reconstruct the developing human immune system. This revealed the late acquisition of immune-effector functions by myeloid and lymphoid cell subsets and the maturation of monocytes and T cells before peripheral tissue seeding. Moreover, we uncovered system-wide blood and immune cell development beyond primary hematopoietic organs, characterized human prenatal B1 cells, and shed light on the origin of unconventional T cells. Our atlas provides both valuable data resources and biological insights that will facilitate cell engineering, regenerative medicine, and disease understanding.


Spatial Transcriptomics

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Immune System
Organ Specificity
Single-Cell Analysis


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