T-cell dysfunction in the glioblastoma microenvironment is mediated by myeloid cells releasing interleukin-10.
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Despite recent advances in cancer immunotherapy, certain tumor types, such as Glioblastomas, are highly resistant due to their tumor microenvironment disabling the anti-tumor immune response. Here we show, by applying an in-silico multidimensional model integrating spatially resolved and single-cell gene expression data of 45,615 immune cells from 12 tumor samples, that a subset of Interleukin-10-releasing HMOX1+ myeloid cells, spatially localizing to mesenchymal-like tumor regions, drive T-cell exhaustion and thus contribute to the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. These findings are validated using a human ex-vivo neocortical glioblastoma model inoculated with patient derived peripheral T-cells to simulate the immune compartment. This model recapitulates the dysfunctional transformation of tumor infiltrating T-cells. Inhibition of the JAK/STAT pathway rescues T-cell functionality both in our model and in-vivo, providing further evidence of IL-10 release being an important driving force of tumor immune escape. Our results thus show that integrative modelling of single cell and spatial transcriptomics data is a valuable tool to interrogate the tumor immune microenvironment and might contribute to the development of successful immunotherapies.


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