Computational elucidation of spatial gene expression variation from spatially resolved transcriptomics data.
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Recent advances in spatially resolved transcriptomics (SRT) have revolutionized biological and medical research and enabled unprecedented insight into the functional organization and cell communication of tissues and organs in situ. Identifying and elucidating gene spatial expression variation (SE analysis) is fundamental to elucidate the SRT landscape. There is an urgent need for public repositories and computational techniques of SRT data in SE analysis alongside technological breakthroughs and large-scale data generation. Increasing efforts to use in silico techniques in SE analysis have been made. However, these attempts are widely scattered among a large number of studies that are not easily accessible or comprehensible by both medical and life scientists. This study provides a survey and a summary of public resources on SE analysis in SRT studies. An updated systematic overview of state-of-the-art computational approaches and tools currently available in SE analysis are presented herein, emphasizing recent advances. Finally, the present study explores the future perspectives and challenges of in silico techniques in SE analysis. This study guides medical and life scientists to look for dedicated resources and more competent tools for characterizing spatial patterns of gene expression.


Spatial Transcriptomics
SE analysis
single-cell RNA sequencing
spatially resolved transcriptomes
spatially variable genes


Li, Ke
Yan, Congcong
Li, Chenghao
Chen, Lu
Zhao, Jingting
Zhang, Zicheng
Bao, Siqi
Sun, Jie
Zhou, Meng

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