Skin-ny deeping: Uncovering immune cell behavior and function through imaging techniques.
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As the largest organ of the body, the skin is a key barrier tissue with specialized structures where ongoing immune surveillance is critical for protecting the body from external insults. The innate immune system acts as first-responders in a coordinated manner to react to injury or infections, and recent developments in intravital imaging techniques have made it possible to delineate dynamic immune cell responses in a spatiotemporal manner. We review here key studies involved in understanding neutrophil, dendritic cell and macrophage behavior in skin and further discuss how this knowledge collectively highlights the importance of interactions and cellular functions in a systems biology manner. Furthermore, we will review emerging imaging technologies such as high-content proteomic screening, spatial transcriptomics and three-dimensional volumetric imaging and how these techniques can be integrated to provide a systems overview of the immune system that will further our current knowledge and lead to potential exciting discoveries in the upcoming decades.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Ex vivo imaging
In vivo imaging
dendritic cells


Tan, Yingrou
Tey, Hong Liang
Chong, Shu Zhen
Ng, Lai Guan

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