Super-resolved spatial transcriptomics by deep data fusion.
IF: 68.164
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Current methods for spatial transcriptomics are limited by low spatial resolution. Here we introduce a method that integrates spatial gene expression data with histological image data from the same tissue section to infer higher-resolution expression maps. Using a deep generative model, our method characterizes the transcriptome of micrometer-scale anatomical features and can predict spatial gene expression from histology images alone.


Spatial Transcriptomics

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Bergenstråhle, Ludvig
He, Bryan
Bergenstråhle, Joseph
Abalo, Xesús
Mirzazadeh, Reza
Thrane, Kim
Ji, Andrew L
Andersson, Alma
Larsson, Ludvig
Stakenborg, Nathalie
Boeckxstaens, Guy
Khavari, Paul
Zou, James
Lundeberg, Joakim
Maaskola, Jonas

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