Emerging roles for CNS fibroblasts in health, injury and disease.
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Recent transcriptomic, histological and functional studies have begun to shine light on the fibroblasts present in the meninges, choroid plexus and perivascular spaces of the brain and spinal cord. Although the origins and functions of CNS fibroblasts are still being described, it is clear that they represent a distinct cell population, or populations, that have likely been confused with other cell types on the basis of the expression of overlapping cellular markers. Recent work has revealed that fibroblasts play crucial roles in fibrotic scar formation in the CNS after injury and inflammation, which have also been attributed to other perivascular cell types such as pericytes and vascular smooth muscle cells. In this Review, we describe the current knowledge of the location and identity of CNS perivascular cell types, with a particular focus on CNS fibroblasts, including their origin, subtypes, roles in health and disease, and future areas for study.


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Dorrier, Cayce E
Jones, Hannah E
Pintarić, Lucija
Siegenthaler, Julie A
Daneman, Richard

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