Surfaceome Proteomic of Glioblastoma Revealed Potential Targets for Immunotherapy.
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Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and devastating malignant brain tumor in adults. The mortality rate is very high despite different treatments. New therapeutic targets are therefore highly needed. Cell-surface proteins represent attractive targets due to their accessibility, their involvement in essential signaling pathways, and their dysregulated expression in cancer. Moreover, they are potential targets for CAR-based immunotherapy or mRNA vaccine strategies. In this context, we investigated the GBM-associated surfaceome by comparing it to astrocytes cell line surfaceome to identify new specific targets for GBM. For this purpose, biotinylation of cell surface proteins has been carried out in GBM and astrocytes cell lines. Biotinylated proteins were purified on streptavidin beads and analyzed by shotgun proteomics. Cell surface proteins were identified with Cell Surface Proteins Atlas (CSPA) and Gene Ontology enrichment. Among all the surface proteins identified in the different cell lines we have confirmed the expression of 66 of these in patient's glioblastoma using spatial proteomic guided by MALDI-mass spectrometry. Moreover, 87 surface proteins overexpressed or exclusive in GBM cell lines have been identified. Among these, we found 11 specific potential targets for GBM including 5 mutated proteins such as RELL1, CYBA, EGFR, and MHC I proteins. Matching with drugs and clinical trials databases revealed that 7 proteins were druggable and under evaluation, 3 proteins have no known drug interaction yet and none of them are the mutated form of the identified proteins. Taken together, we discovered potential targets for immune therapy strategies in GBM.


Spatial Proteomics
clinical trials
immune therapy
mutated proteins
surface proteins
surfaceome proteomic


Rose, Mélanie
Cardon, Tristan
Aboulouard, Soulaimane
Hajjaji, Nawale
Kobeissy, Firas
Duhamel, Marie
Fournier, Isabelle
Salzet, Michel

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