Spatiotemporal Immune Landscape of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis at Single-Cell Level.
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Liver metastasis, the leading cause of colorectal cancer mortality, exhibits a highly heterogeneous and suppressive immune microenvironment. Here, we sequenced 97 matched samples by using single-cell RNA-seq and Spatial Transcriptomics. Strikingly, metastatic microenvironment underwent remarkable spatial reprogramming of immunosuppressive cells such as MRC1+ CCL18+ M2-like macrophages. We further developed scMetabolism, a computational pipeline for quantifying single-cell metabolism, and observed that those macrophages harbored enhanced metabolic activity. Interestingly, neoadjuvant chemotherapy could block this status and restore the antitumor immune balance in responsive patients, while the non-responsive patients deteriorated into a more suppressive one. Our work described the immune evolution of metastasis and uncovered the black box of how tumors respond to neoadjuvant chemotherapy.


Spatial Transcriptomics


Wu, Yingcheng
Yang, Shuaixi
Ma, Jiaqiang
Chen, Zechuan
Song, Guohe
Rao, Dongning
Cheng, Yifei
Huang, Siyuan
Liu, Yifei
Jiang, Shan
Liu, Jinxia
Huang, Xiaowu
Wang, Xiaoying
Qiu, Shuangjian
Xu, Jianmin
Xi, Ruibin
Bai, Fan
Zhou, Jian
Fan, Jia
Zhang, Xiaoming
Gao, Qiang

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