Bioinformatic Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Proteome Alternations During Infections.
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Microbial pathogens have evolved numerous mechanisms to hijack host's systems, thus causing disease. This is mediated by alterations in the combined host-pathogen proteome in time and space. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics approaches have been developed and tailored to map disease progression. The result is complex multidimensional data that pose numerous analytic challenges for downstream interpretation. However, a systematic review of approaches for the downstream analysis of such data has been lacking in the field. In this review, we detail the steps of a typical temporal and spatial analysis, including data pre-processing steps (i.e., quality control, data normalization, the imputation of missing values, and dimensionality reduction), different statistical and machine learning approaches, validation, interpretation, and the extraction of biological information from mass spectrometry data. We also discuss current best practices for these steps based on a collection of independent studies to guide users in selecting the most suitable strategies for their dataset and analysis objectives. Moreover, we also compiled the list of commonly used R software packages for each step of the analysis. These could be easily integrated into one's analysis pipeline. Furthermore, we guide readers through various analysis steps by applying these workflows to mock and host-pathogen interaction data from public datasets. The workflows presented in this review will serve as an introduction for data analysis novices, while also helping established users update their data analysis pipelines. We conclude the review by discussing future directions and developments in temporal and spatial proteomics and data analysis approaches. Data analysis codes, prepared for this review are available from, where guidelines and sample datasets are also offered for testing purposes.


Spatial Proteomics
data imputation
host-pathogen interactions
principal component analysis
self-organizing maps
spatial proteomics
temporal proteomics


Rahmatbakhsh, Matineh
Gagarinova, Alla
Babu, Mohan

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