High-Resolution Human Kidney Molecular Histology by Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Lipids.
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For many years, traditional histology has been the gold standard for the diagnosis of many diseases. However, alternative and powerful techniques have appeared in recent years that complement the information extracted from a tissue section. One of the most promising techniques is imaging mass spectrometry applied to lipidomics. Here, we demonstrate the capabilities of this technique to highlight the architectural features of the human kidney at a spatial resolution of 10 μm. Our data demonstrate that up to seven different segments of the nephron and the interstitial tissue can be readily identified in the sections according to their characteristic lipid fingerprints and that such fingerprints are maintained among different individuals (n = 32). These results set the foundation for further studies on the metabolic bases of the diseases affecting the human kidney.



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Histological Techniques
Spectrometry, Mass, Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization


Martín-Saiz, Lucía
Mosteiro, Lorena
Solano-Iturri, Jon D
Rueda, Yuri
Martín-Allende, Javier
Imaz, Igone
Olano, Iván
Ochoa, Begoña
Fresnedo, Olatz
Fernández, José A
Larrinaga, Gorka

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