scGRNom: a computational pipeline of integrative multi-omics analyses for predicting cell-type disease genes and regulatory networks.
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Understanding cell-type-specific gene regulatory mechanisms from genetic variants to diseases remains challenging. To address this, we developed a computational pipeline, scGRNom (single-cell Gene Regulatory Network prediction from multi-omics), to predict cell-type disease genes and regulatory networks including transcription factors and regulatory elements. With applications to schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease, we predicted disease genes and regulatory networks for excitatory and inhibitory neurons, microglia, and oligodendrocytes. Further enrichment analyses revealed cross-disease and disease-specific functions and pathways at the cell-type level. Our machine learning analysis also found that cell-type disease genes improved clinical phenotype predictions. scGRNom is a general-purpose tool available at .


Gene Expression
Alzheimer’s disease
Cell-type disease risk genes
Cell-type gene regulatory network
Cross-disease functional genomics
Single-cell genomics
Single-cell multi-omics integration


Jin, Ting
Rehani, Peter
Ying, Mufang
Huang, Jiawei
Liu, Shuang
Roussos, Panagiotis
Wang, Daifeng

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