SpatialDWLS: accurate deconvolution of spatial transcriptomic data.
IF: 17.906
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Recent development of spatial transcriptomic technologies has made it possible to characterize cellular heterogeneity with spatial information. However, the technology often does not have sufficient resolution to distinguish neighboring cell types. Here, we present spatialDWLS, to quantitatively estimate the cell-type composition at each spatial location. We benchmark the performance of spatialDWLS by comparing it with a number of existing deconvolution methods and find that spatialDWLS outperforms the other methods in terms of accuracy and speed. By applying spatialDWLS to a human developmental heart dataset, we observe striking spatial temporal changes of cell-type composition during development.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Single cell
Spatial transcriptomics


Dong, Rui
Yuan, Guo-Cheng

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