Uncovering Statistical Links Between Gene Expression and Structural Connectivity Patterns in the Mouse Brain.
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Finding links between genes and structural connectivity is of the utmost importance for unravelling the underlying mechanism of the brain connectome. In this study we identify links between the gene expression and the axonal projection density in the mouse brain, by applying a modified version of the Linked ICA method to volumetric data from the Allen Institute for Brain Science for identifying independent sources of information that link both modalities at the voxel level. We performed separate analyses on sets of projections from the visual cortex, the caudoputamen and the midbrain reticular nucleus, and we determined those brain areas, injections and genes that were most involved in independent components that link both gene expression and projection density data, while we validated their biological context through enrichment analysis. We identified representative and literature-validated cortico-midbrain and cortico-striatal projections, whose gene subsets were enriched with annotations for neuronal and synaptic function and related developmental and metabolic processes. The results were highly reproducible when including all available projections, as well as consistent with factorisations obtained using the Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding technique. Hence, Linked ICA yielded reproducible independent components that were preserved under increasing data variance. Taken together, we have developed and validated a novel paradigm for linking gene expression and structural projection patterns in the mouse mesoconnectome, which can power future studies aiming to relate genes to brain function.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Spatial Temporal Transcriptomics
Axonal projection density
Bayesian machine learning
Computational framework
Dictionary learning and sparse coding
Gene expression
In situ hybridization
Linked ICA
Matrix factorisation
Mouse brain mesoconnectome
Spatial transcriptomics
Volumetric brain representation

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Timonidis, Nestor
Llera, Alberto
Tiesinga, Paul H E

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