Proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of aerial organ development in Arabidopsis.
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Plant growth and development are regulated by a tightly controlled interplay between cell division, cell expansion and cell differentiation during the entire plant life cycle from seed germination to maturity and seed propagation. To explore some of the underlying molecular mechanisms in more detail, we selected different aerial tissue types of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, namely rosette leaf, flower and silique/seed and performed proteomic, phosphoproteomic and transcriptomic analyses of sequential growth stages using tandem mass tag-based mass spectrometry and RNA sequencing. With this exploratory multi-omics dataset, development dynamics of photosynthetic tissues can be investigated from different angles. As expected, we found progressive global expression changes between growth stages for all three omics types and often but not always corresponding expression patterns for individual genes on transcript, protein and phosphorylation site level. The biggest difference between proteomic- and transcriptomic-based expression information could be observed for seed samples. Proteomic and transcriptomic data is available via ProteomeXchange and ArrayExpress with the respective identifiers PXD018814 and E-MTAB-7978.


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Mergner, Julia
Frejno, Martin
Messerer, Maxim
Lang, Daniel
Samaras, Patroklos
Wilhelm, Mathias
Mayer, Klaus F X
Schwechheimer, Claus
Kuster, Bernhard

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