Uncovering an Organ's Molecular Architecture at Single-Cell Resolution by Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics.
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Revealing fine-scale cellular heterogeneity among spatial context and the functional and structural foundations of tissue architecture is fundamental within biological research and pharmacology. Unlike traditional approaches involving single molecules or bulk omics, cutting-edge, spatially resolved transcriptomics techniques offer near-single-cell or even subcellular resolution within tissues. Massive information across higher dimensions along with position-coordinating labels can better map the whole 3D transcriptional landscape of tissues. In this review, we focus on developments and strategies in spatially resolved transcriptomics, compare the cell and gene throughput and spatial resolution in detail for existing methods, and highlight the enormous potential in biomedical research.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Spatial reconstruction
fluorescence in situ hybridization
in situ sequencing
single-cell RNA-seq
spatial reconstruction
spatial transcriptomics
spatially resolved transcriptomics

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Biomedical Research
Single-Cell Analysis


Liao, Jie
Lu, Xiaoyan
Shao, Xin
Zhu, Ling
Fan, Xiaohui

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