Rapid MALDI mass spectrometry imaging for surgical pathology.
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Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI MSI) is an emerging analytical technique, which generates spatially resolved proteomic and metabolomic images from tissue specimens. Conventional MALDI MSI processing and data acquisition can take over 30 min, limiting its clinical utility for intraoperative diagnostics. We present a rapid MALDI MSI method, completed under 5 min, including sample preparation and analysis, providing a workflow compatible with the clinical frozen section procedure.


Spatial Proteomics
Molecular imaging
Molecular medicine
Surgical oncology


Basu, Sankha S
Regan, Michael S
Randall, Elizabeth C
Abdelmoula, Walid M
Clark, Amanda R
Gimenez-Cassina Lopez, Begoña
Cornett, Dale S
Haase, Andreas
Santagata, Sandro
Agar, Nathalie Y R

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