Molecular recording of mammalian embryogenesis.
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Ontogeny describes the emergence of complex multicellular organisms from single totipotent cells. This field is particularly challenging in mammals, owing to the indeterminate relationship between self-renewal and differentiation, variation in progenitor field sizes, and internal gestation in these animals. Here we present a flexible, high-information, multi-channel molecular recorder with a single-cell readout and apply it as an evolving lineage tracer to assemble mouse cell-fate maps from fertilization through gastrulation. By combining lineage information with single-cell RNA sequencing profiles, we recapitulate canonical developmental relationships between different tissue types and reveal the nearly complete transcriptional convergence of endodermal cells of extra-embryonic and embryonic origins. Finally, we apply our cell-fate maps to estimate the number of embryonic progenitor cells and their degree of asymmetric partitioning during specification. Our approach enables massively parallel, high-resolution recording of lineage and other information in mammalian systems, which will facilitate the construction of a quantitative framework for understanding developmental processes.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Gene Expression

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Cell Differentiation
Cell Lineage
Embryo, Mammalian
Embryonic Development
Embryonic Stem Cells
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Organ Specificity
Sequence Analysis, RNA
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Chan, Michelle M
Smith, Zachary D
Grosswendt, Stefanie
Kretzmer, Helene
Norman, Thomas M
Adamson, Britt
Jost, Marco
Quinn, Jeffrey J
Yang, Dian
Jones, Matthew G
Khodaverdian, Alex
Yosef, Nir
Meissner, Alexander
Weissman, Jonathan S

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