The spatiotemporal expression pattern of microRNAs in the developing mouse nervous system.
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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) control various biological processes by inducing translational repression and transcript degradation of the target genes. In mammalian development, knowledge of the timing and expression pattern of each miRNA is important to determine and predict its function in vivo So far, no systematic analyses of the spatiotemporal expression pattern of miRNAs during mammalian neurodevelopment have been performed. Here, we isolated total RNAs from the embryonic dorsal forebrain of mice at different developmental stages and subjected these RNAs to microarray analyses. We selected 279 miRNAs that exhibited high signal intensities or ascending or descending expression dynamics. To ascertain the expression patterns of these miRNAs, we used locked nucleic acid (LNA)-modified miRNA probes in in situ hybridization experiments. Multiple miRNAs exhibited spatially restricted/enriched expression in anatomically distinct regions or in specific neuron subtypes in the embryonic brain and spinal cord, such as in the ventricular area, the striatum (and other basal ganglia), hypothalamus, choroid plexus, and the peripheral nervous system. These findings provide new insights into the expression and function of miRNAs during the development of the nervous system and could be used as a resource to facilitate studies in neurodevelopment.


Temporal Gene Expression
Spatial Transcriptomics
Temporal Anatomic
central nervous system (CNS)
expression pattern
gene expression
in situ hybridization
microRNA (miRNA)

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Embryo, Mammalian
Gene Expression Profiling
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