Immunohistochemistry Microarrays.
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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on tissue sections is widely used for quantifying the expression patterns of proteins and is part of the standard of care for cancer diagnosis and prognosis, but is limited to staining a single protein per tissue. Tissue microarray and microfluidics staining methods have emerged as powerful high throughput techniques, but they either only permit the analysis of a single protein per slide or require complex instrumentation and expertise while only staining isolated areas. Here, we introduce IHC microarrays (IHCμA) for multiplexed staining of intact tissues with preserved histological and spatial information. Droplets of a dextran solution containing antibodies were prespotted on a slide and snapped onto a preprocessed formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue section soaked in a polyethylene glycol solution. The antibodies are confined within the dextran droplets and locally stain the tissue below with a contrast similar to the one obtained by conventional IHC. The microarray of antibody droplets can be prespotted on a slide and stored, thus neither the preparation of the antibody solutions nor a sophisticated microarray spotter is needed. Sampling considerations with IHCμA were evaluated by taking three tissues with varying levels of cancer cells. A multiplex IHCμA with 180 spots targeting 8 cancer proteins was performed on a breast cancer tissue section to illustrate the potential of this method. This work opens the avenue of applying microarray technologies for conducting IHC on intact tissue slices and has great potential to be used in the discovery and validation of tissue biomarkers in human tumors.


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Li, Huiyan
Brewer, Gabrielle
Ongo, Grant
Normandeau, Frederic
Omeroglu, Atilla
Juncker, David

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