Single-cell RNA sequencing: Technical advancements and biological applications.
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Cells are the basic building blocks of organisms and each cell is unique. Single-cell RNA sequencing has emerged as an indispensable tool to dissect the cellular heterogeneity and decompose tissues into cell types and/or cell states, which offers enormous potential for de novo discovery. Single-cell transcriptomic atlases provide unprecedented resolution to reveal complex cellular events and deepen our understanding of biological systems. In this review, we summarize and compare single-cell RNA sequencing technologies, that were developed since 2009, to facilitate a well-informed choice of method. The applications of these methods in different biological contexts are also discussed. We anticipate an ever-increasing role of single-cell RNA sequencing in biology with further improvement in providing spatial information and coupling to other cellular modalities. In the future, such biological findings will greatly benefit medical research.


Spatial Transcriptomics

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Hedlund, Eva
Deng, Qiaolin

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