Plant Metabolomics: An Indispensable System Biology Tool for Plant Science.
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As genomes of many plant species have been sequenced, demand for functional genomics has dramatically accelerated the improvement of other omics including metabolomics. Despite a large amount of metabolites still remaining to be identified, metabolomics has contributed significantly not only to the understanding of plant physiology and biology from the view of small chemical molecules that reflect the end point of biological activities, but also in past decades to the attempts to improve plant behavior under both normal and stressed conditions. Hereby, we summarize the current knowledge on the genetic and biochemical mechanisms underlying plant growth, development, and stress responses, focusing further on the contributions of metabolomics to practical applications in crop quality improvement and food safety assessment, as well as plant metabolic engineering. We also highlight the current challenges and future perspectives in this inspiring area, with the aim to stimulate further studies leading to better crop improvement of yield and quality.


crop improvement
metabolic engineering
primary and secondary metabolism

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Basal Metabolism
Crops, Agricultural
Genome, Plant
Genome-Wide Association Study
Metabolic Engineering
Plant Physiological Phenomena
Quantitative Trait Loci
Secondary Metabolism
Stress, Physiological
Systems Biology


Hong, Jun
Yang, Litao
Zhang, Dabing
Shi, Jianxin

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