Imprinting and expression analysis of a non-coding RNA gene in the mouse Dlk1-Dio3 domain.
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The Dlk1-Dio3 imprinted domain not only is implicated growth and development of the embryo and placenta, but also affects adult metabolism and brain function. In this study, we identified the imprinting status of a mouse non-coding RNA gene, B830012L14Rik, mapped to the Dlk1-Dio3 domain by the polymorphism- and sequencing-based approach. Imprinting analysis showed that the gene was expressed maternally at E15.5, E18.5 and postnatal day 1 mice. Two transcripts of approximately 1.9 and 3.5 kb were detected by northern blot. Furthermore, we examined the spatiotemporal expression patterns of the gene during the mouse development. In situ hybridization analysis showed that B830012L14Rik was mainly expressed in forebrain, pituitary, cartilage primordium of spinal column, lung and liver at E13.5 and E15.5. The results of real-time quantitative RT-PCR showed that the B830012L14Rik expression in brain, heart, lung and liver was higher at E15.5 than at E12.5 and E18.5. Furthermore, the gene expression increased progressively in brain from E12.5 to E15.5 whereas decreased from E15.5 to E19.5. This study may provide further insights into the imprinting, genomic features and expression regulation of the Dlk1-Dio3 imprinted cluster.


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Zhang, Feng Wei
Zeng, Tie Bo
Han, Zheng Bin
He, Hong Juan
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Gu, Ning
Jiang, Hui Jie
Wu, Qiong

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