Cloning and molecular characterization of an ethylene receptor gene, MiERS1, expressed during mango fruitlet abscission and fruit ripening.
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We isolated and characterized a mango (Mangifera indica L.) cDNA homolog of the ethylene receptor gene ERS1, designated MiERS1. Genomic Southern blot analysis suggested the existence of a second gene with homology to MiERS1. Spatial and temporal expression patterns of MiERS1 were first studied during fruitlet drop and compared with those of a previously identified MiETR1 gene that encodes an ETR1-type ethylene receptor. Experiments were conducted on developing fruitlet explants in which fruitlet abscission was induced by ethephon treatment. Northern analysis revealed a notable increase in MiERS1 mRNA levels in the fruitlet's activated abscission zone within 24 h of ethephon application, followed by a decreasing pattern 48 h post-treatment. A transient, albeit lesser, increase in MiERS1 mRNA levels was also observed in treated fruitlet seed and mesocarp tissues. In contrast, in the abscission zone, accumulation of MiETR1 transcript remained unchanged; a temporal increase in MiETR1 transcript level was observed in the fruitlet mesocarp, whereas in the seed, MiETR1 expression had already dropped by 24 h. Expression profiles of MiERS1 and MiETR1 were then studied during fruit ripening. In agreement with a previous study and coinciding with the climacteric rise in ethylene production, RNA blot analysis revealed that during fruit ripening, MiETR1 mRNA level increases in both mesocarp and seed tissues. Unexpectedly, however, in those same tissues, MiERS1 transcript accumulation was barely detected. Collectively, our data highlight MiERS1's possible specific function in regulating fruitlet abscission rather than fruit ripening.

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Ish-Shalom, Mazal
Dahan, Yardena
Maayan, Inbar
Irihimovitch, Vered

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