Spatial and Single Nucleus Transcriptomics Decoding the Molecular Landscape and Cellular Organization of Avian Optic Tectum
IDSTT0000064(Source: STOmics DB)
STOmics technology:BGI Stereomics Stereo-Seq
Data type:STOmics
Sample scope:Multispecies
Summary:The avian optic tectum (OT) has been extensively studied for its diverse functions, yet a comprehensive understanding of its molecular landscape at the cellular level has been lacking. In this study, we applied a high-resolution spatial transcriptome sequencing technique and single nucleus RNA sequencing (snRNA-seq) to explore the cellular organization and molecular characteristics of the avian OT from two species: Columba livia and Taeniopygia guttata. We identified layer structures consistent with traditional anatomical research and provided comprehensive layer-specific signatures that were highly conserved across avian species. Based on the layer-specific genes, we elucidated diverse functions in different layers, with the stratum griseum periventriculare (SGP) potentially playing a key role in advanced functions of OT, like fear response and associative learning. Furthermore, we clarified the precise laminar distribution of six inhibitory neuron subtypes in OT, which was not observed in mouse superior colliculus, a homologous region of OT. Focusing on the multimodal functions of deeper layers in avian OT, we characterized detailed neuronal subtypes and identified a population of FOXG1+ excitatory neurons, resembling those found in the mouse neocortex, potentially involved in neocortex-related functions and expansion of avian OT. Investigation of inhibitory neurons (INN) indicated the medial and lateral ganglionic eminence as the main origins for INN in OT and uncovered a potentially species-specific subtype. These findings could contribute to improving our understanding of the molecular and cellular architecture of avian OT, shedding light on visual perception and multifunctional association.
Contributor(s):Kuo Liao.
  • Kuo Liao. Spatial and Single Nucleus Transcriptomics Decoding the Molecular Landscape and Cellular Organization of Avian Optic Tectum.
Submitter:廖阔(Liao Kuo),South China University of Technology
Release date:2023-12-31
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