Spatiotemporal transcriptomic atlas of mouse placentation
IDSTT0000055(Source: STOmics DB)
STOmics technology:BGI Stereomics Stereo-Seq
Data type:STOmics
Sample scope:Monoisolate
Summary:The intrauterine environment undergoes intricate and significant changes during embryonic development, which, however, is not systematically investigated by spatially resolved transcriptomic technologies. We used Stereo-seq to establish the comprehensive transcriptome landscapes on 13 segments of the mouse uterus ranging from E7.5 to E14.5. In addition, two segments of mouse model with a high-fat diet were included to investigate the impact of adverse intrauterine environments on spatial gene expression patterns during placentation.
Contributor(s):Hefang Huang, Ya Gao, Yu Zhang.
  • Yan-Ting Wu, Kai-Zhen Su, Ying Zhang, Langchao Liang. Spatiotemporal transcriptomic atlas of mouse placentation.
Submitter:张颖(ying zhang),BGI Research
Release date:2023-12-31
  • Sample: 15
  • Tissue Section: 15

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