PRISTA4D: Planarian Regenerative Interactive Spatiotemporal Transcriptomic Atlas in four Dimensions
IDSTT0000028(Source: STOmics DB)
STOmics technology:BGI Stereomics Stereo-Seq
Data type:Transcriptome or Gene expression, STOmics
Sample scope:Multiisolate
Summary:Regeneration requires the proper formation of the body axis and dynamic cellular interactions, presenting a significant challenge to dissect in four-dimensional (4D) time and space. Here, we introduce 4D-ST (Spatial Transcriptomics), which retains single-cell resolution while resolving spatial heterogeneity in four dimensions at the organismal level. The 4D-ST provides a comprehensive understanding of the cell types and molecular coordinates of the entire planarian at single-cell resolution. By analyzing the whole-body regeneration cycle of planarian fragments over eight consecutive time points, the 4D-ST captures the spatially and cell-type resolved genes that respond to regeneration, revealing intricate patterns of gene expression and positional gradients along the body axis.
Contributor(s):Kai Han.
  • Kai Han. A subcellular resolution, organism-scale four-dimensional spatial transcriptomics reveals Comprehensive Cell Types and Molecular Dynamics during Planarian Regeneration.
Submitter:韩凯(Kai Han),BGI-Qingdao
Release date:2023-12-31
  • Sample: 2
  • Tissue Section: 55

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